Looking to start a new blog? Time to try the popular WordPress and Ghost Themes. Both of them are equally popular mediums and have their pros and cons. We at JollyGood Themes cater to clients requiring either of them for there designing needs. We are known for creating extraordinary and snazzy looking themes for both WordPress and Ghost.

Introducing Ghostwriter

A free AJAX driven theme for Ghost

Ghostwriter is a simple AJAX driven theme for Ghost. It’s free, open source and available on Github. You can download Ghostwriter here.


  • Supports Ghost 0.5.x
  • Clean typography focused design.
  • Fully responsive (includes fitvid.js for responsive video embeds).
  • AJAX loading for fast, smooth transitions between posts and pages.
  • SASS files included.
  • Static page support.
  • Featured post support.
  • A bunch of other bits and bobs.


We have been in the business since 2013 and are working to help people meet the design requirements for their websites. At JollyGood Themes we have a talented theme that continually strives to create some of the best WordPress and Ghost themes for our clients. Their creativity and hard work has led us to deliver some great results and provide customer satisfaction.

WordPress Vs Ghost

WordPress is one of the most popular website and blog building tools available today. Statistics suggest that there are almost 60 million websites that are using WordPress as the medium. It is a free and open source content management system. It is one of the best tools available for sites and is equipped with some powerful features.

With WordPress, one can create customizable and SEO friendly websites.
It also lets you create the best responsive and mobile sites.
With its simplicity and ease of use, one can never go wrong with WordPress.
Lets you build high-performance websites without compromising on security.
With WordPress, there are 45000 plugins available that help you design better.

Although WordPress is a free tool, there is a paid version also available. The self-hosted version is available for free and comes with a lot of exciting features. However, if you are looking for a custom domain or something similar, then there are paid plans also available.

On the other hand, unlike WordPress, Ghost is a simple and straightforward platform that is purely used for creating blogs. Just like WordPress with Ghost as well there is a free self-hosted version and a paid version hosted on Ghost’s servers. Using FTP, Ghost allows you to upload your theme and content. The platform is equipped with SEO settings and other social sharing features as well. An ideal choice if you are looking for minimalism as it lets you create and edit posts that’s it. Not a perfect alternative if you are looking for those high profile portfolio sites, magazines, and author blogs.